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 The great wall of Barca meets the champion of peace :) 

 The great wall of Barca meets the champion of peace :) 


Two of the most compassionate people,

their love is unconditional & flawless,

When they look at us,

they see no Tibetan, no Chinese, no American, or no Indian,

they see us as just another fellow human being. 

True persona of enlightened beings. 

4 yr old H.H. the 14th Dalai lama

4 yr old H.H. the 14th Dalai lama


Wanted for Genocide in Tibet


Photos of the self-immolations in Ngaba have begun to pour out of Tibet.

Tell the world Enough is Enough! Sign the pledge:



A Tibetan Mastiff, one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.

I want one of these badly


Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate



DHARAMSHALA, October 7: Reports coming out of Tibet confirm that two more Tibetans set themselves on fire today in an apparent anti-China protest. One is feared dead while the other is being described in serious condition.

This is the third incident in a week following the self immolation of Kesang Wangchuk on Monday, when Tibetans have been forced to commit the ultimate sacrifice of setting their bodies on fire as a last resort of peaceful action against the Chinese government’s repressive policies in Tibet. Last week, two monks, Lobsang Kalsang and Lobsang Konchok had set themselves ablaze.

The exile base of Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala, in a release today describe the two as Choephel aged 19 and Khayang (Lhungyang) aged 18, both former monks of Ngaba Kirti Monastery in eastern Tibet.

“At around 11.30 am Tibet time, Choephel and Khayang set themselves ablaze in the central town of Ngaba district. With hands joined in prayers, both of them raised anti-China slogans,” the statement said.

Eyewitnesses have told sources in exile that Choephel and Khayang were engulfed in flames as they called for Tibetans to unite and rise up against the Chinese regime and raised slogans for Tibet’s freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama from exile.

“Chinese security personnel arrived at the scene and started beating the two indiscriminately while dousing the fire,” the report said.

“Even while they were being taken to the hospital, Khayang was seen throwing his fist in the air, raising slogans,” the report added.

It is feared that Choephel succumbed to his injuries half an hour later.

This is the sixth incidence in the year and the third in October alone when Tibetans have self immolated as a last desperate measure to draw international attention and support on the deteriorating situation inside Tibet. Earlier, leaflets had surface in Ngaba town and Kirti Monastery warning that “if the present situation continued, many more people were prepared to give their lives in protest.”

This is what we wake up to. ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།

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Angry Tibetan Girl: Miss #Tibet is bullshit! There I said it!


The point is to bring up “TIBET” right? then how come it gets overshadowed with the overwhelming fact that it is A BEAUTY PAGEANT! I hate all the stupid reasons, especially Tibetan women, have in supporting this bull shit (is it the GroupOn effect all over again?). How does addressing one…

I think Miss Tibet is awesome ! It’s more original than some Tibetan hypocritical shitt. What could be more exciting for a Tibetan guy than seeing your very own Miss Tibet standing shoulder to shoulder with Miss China & the rest?  Ofcoz it brings more attention to the Tibetan cause than the protest on a street for a day. Awareness much? It gives a platform for Tibetan girls to showcase their beauty. Women Empowerment much? Nevertheless, another reason for Tibetans to come together and enjoy the brilliant show. Entertainment much? Just to throw it in, its all been done by a Tibetan guy. Entrepreneurship much? In monetary terms, money is being circulated in Tibetan community. DOUBLE AWESOMENESS !!!

If a man like Chogyam Trungpa could trade the Tibetan Buddhism for sex, alcohol, and fame, why can’t a commoner like Lobsang Wangyal hold Miss Tibet Contest? 

There’s nothing to lose by organizing such events which is beneficiary to Tibetan community and Tibetan cause in many ways. 

P.S. Don’t be mad coz you’ve got round shape. hahaha

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Aki's Mindscape: Free Tibet?



I was asked if I vote for or against freeing the people of Tibet. Now, Tibet’s a topic that I can’t just say “Free ‘em” and go on.. since I want to cover why it is so, and what is wrong in the current system

What I’m concerned about is that I’d love to see a meritocratic way of ruling, where the…

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“Tibet wasn’t a wild untouched paradise governed with “wise peaceful leaders”.. it was a feudalistic theocracy, and I suggest people to read more about Tibet’s history before painting an overly romantic picture of it. *However*, China’s rule is far, far from being just.”

I am not that well-informed about the details of Tibet’s past, so while I agree that we must abandon the “Shangri-la” myth, a lot of the so-called “truth” about Tibet is, quite simply, propaganda by the Chinese government. They want to paint as nasty a picture of Tibet as possible, so of course they’re going to highlight the corruption and abuse.

Just because Tibet may or may not have been a “feudalistic theocracy” doesn’t really matter. What matters is what the Tibetan people want. If they want His Holiness the Dalai Lama as their political leader, so be it. Just because Tibet was a certain way in the past does not mean that a future Tibet will be the same way and I think, from spending time in the Tibetan community, that exile has changed the community as a whole. His Holiness has stepped down from the political leadership (as you mentioned), the Kalon Tripa was elected democratically, among many other things.

I want a free Tibet. I don’t believe there can be any other way. However, I am hesitant to put all my chips down because I think a free Tibet is going to have a lot of issues that people have thought about and overlooked. For one, you’re going to have an influx of more educated exiled Tibetans returning to Tibet, which could cause some class issues. Additionally, the U-tsang dialect is the main dialect that is being taught outside of Tibet, so there will be a language barrier, especially with the younger generation of exiled Tibetans whose families may have hailed from Amdo or Kham but they grew up speaking U-tsang.

Freeing Tibet is not the end goal. It is the first large obstacle. It is something that I, as a non-Tibetan, can help with by advocating for Tibet, but once Tibet is freed, it is up to Tibetans to rule their country. (And not let Westerners turn it into their own Buddhist theme park.)

Regarding Michael Parenti, there is a rebuttal to the article that you linked that is worth reading: Sometimes it can be very hard to separate those who want to “free” Tibet simply because they are very anti-communist and follow the theory of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

There’s my two cents and if you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please feel free to do so!

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